A Forest of Apsens

I’ll share a little secret with you. Maybe you’ve heard this one before. No one is truly an individual in this world, not really. The truth is, we are one big living, breathing entity sharing emotions, creativity, fear, joy, ideas, culture. We are all shaped by those around us, constantly growing into who we become, individual aspens connected by roots and sharing a dance of leaves in our branches, creating a beautiful forest that is ever changing. We rely on each other for support, we must learn from one another on how to move about this world, gain knowledge from each other through words, art and numbers, share critiques to be better artists, scientists, writers, and really, better humans. An aspen cannot stand on it’s own, it won’t wave it’s golden crown of leaves atop it’s branches alone. It must be connected to it’s sisters, mothers, daughters. Together, aspens thrive and share their beauty and strength together.

March is Women’s Month and today we celebrate women across the globe. So what better time than now to share some of the most amazing and supportive women I have the pleasure of having in my life who make up my forest. Without these ladies, without my sister aspens, I would have given up on long ago on my dreams, would be at an emotional loss when times got tough, missed out on so many laughs and smiles. I am forever grateful to these beautiful women (and so so many more) for their integrity, encouragement, support, accountability and vulnerability.

Cara Olsen

Photo & Artwork by Cara Rosalie Olsen

Photo & Artwork by Cara Rosalie Olsen


I found Cara through her beautiful and unique vintage floral watercolor art on Instagram. She was living my dream of being an accomplished stationer and artist so of course I wanted to know about her journey. I soon found that her beautiful pictures are often accompanied by powerful posts. She is vulnerable and honest about her business, about motherhood, about life and about art. And she cultivates a community of sisters who support each other in their art and lives. Cara is absolutely one the kindest and most caring people I know and always takes time out to listen to and connect with women in the community she cultivates.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Cara , go introduce yourself on her Instagram page @rosaliegwenpaperie and read her amazing posts on motherhood, being a boss babe and importance of being surround by other supportive kweens.

Gina Sutton

Photo & Artwork by Gina Sutton

Photo & Artwork by Gina Sutton


Not only is Gina an amazing creative, she is the most encouraging, honest and beautiful friend one could ever ask for. Gina and I met through a similar passion of art on Instagram and quickly became fierce friends. She is always encouraging with my art endeavors but always honest and helpful with critiques and suggestions, something I truly value and appreciate. Her art journey has taken her from lovely watercolor art, to elegant calligraphy, to beautiful Ipad lettering, to turning her own calligraphy pens and creating her own flat lay boards and flat lay mock-up photos. She is always pushing her creativity to create unique and beautiful designs and pens and comes up with wonderful new products and art ideas. Not only is she an incredibly talented artistic boss bade, Gina is a wonderful listener and deeply supportive friend. She never hesitates to check in on me if I seem off or am sparse on Instagram and she even made a stop out my way on a family trip to hang out with me IRL. I’m so proud and thankful to have such an incredible sister.

You can find Gina on Instagram @featherparklettering and see all her gorgeous work and give her a hello.

My Mum


Yeah, alright, of course mom is an important woman in your life who shapes who you are (be it positive or negative). But seriously, my mom is one of my closest friends and is such a rock in my life that I would be lost without everything she does for me. I’m fortunate to have such a close and positive relationship with my mom because I know so many women don’t get to have that. We act like sisters a lot and share everything. She is the least judgmental and wisest lady I know. She’s always lends an ear to my woes and joys, always has great advice, is incredibly encouraging and nurturing with my business aspirations and makes the BEST popped corn around (seriously, I don’t know how she does it differently, but it’s amazing). She’s also the hardest hustler I know and I’m really inspired by her ambition and fearlessness to move to the most expensive area in the world to start a yoga and art studio. I’ve learned so much from this woman over the last 34 years and I know I have so so much more to learn from her still. Thanks for being so supportive and such a fierce and empowering role model Mom!

Thank you ladies for being the beautiful trees in my forest. There are truly so many more creative and powerful women in my life, I could make a mile long list. I’m so thankful and fortunate to have such a beautiful community of friends in person and across the globe on social media. Without my sister aspens, life would be dull and scary. Take time to celebrate your forest of amazing women today. Send them a little note, a thanks for being their amazing selves and for sharing roots with you. We are better together and need to hold each other up to make it in this world friends <3

Another Year Older

Well, it’s my birthday.

And I’m not big on my birthday. It’s not that I mind getting older. I guess because I always have too high of expectations for a perfect day. But I never really know what that perfect day is supposed to be. And damned if I’m always upset the day after my birthday for not taking advantage of having a whole day about me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never had a bad birthday, though my mum might say differently (yes, I cried at a lot of my parties as a kid). And, I don’t have many close friends around to celebrate with me. I’m a bit of a loner introvert at heart I suppose.

I’m also really shy about attention. And you wouldn’t think I’m shy if you know me, but it’s true. I hate public praise or compliments about my work or myself, even though I secretly really need it. But I usually feel guilty or embarrassed when I’m positively acknowledge. Pretty terrible, huh? So even a “Happy Birthday!” makes me want to skitter back to the safety of my dogs at plants.

This year, I’m once again feeling the birthday blues. Finances are tighter so we aren’t headed out to anywhere exciting or to do anything special. Aside from that, Bay Area blows for being able to travel anywhere in a reasonable amount of time anyways. Sorry SF, even a cheap day in the city isn’t worth the drive on weekday. Don’t fret about my birthday mopes though. My hubs always makes the day a bit more special for me somehow or another, my mum always spoils me with smiles and hugs and fun gifts and yummy treats. I also share my birthday with a very great man, something of which I’ve always been very proud.

You might be thinking, “Why are you posting about your birthday if you can’t handle a ‘Happy Birthday!’?” I’m trying to turn over a new leaf, to be more outgoing and to be more accepting of compliments and to have a lot more confidence and self-love. It comes with the territory of having two businesses that force me to interact with a lot of people and share my creativity. I’m also trying to be more real and share more vulnerabilities. Because surely I’m not the only one who gets a bit blue on their birthday, right?

Life isn’t perfect, days can be disappointing, but you know what? It’s getting easier each year I grow older to hold less expectations, take more birthday salutations and not be such a bummeroni. This morning I’ll start my day with a smile and be grateful that I’ve been blessed with another year on this earth. Happy Birthday me. ❤️ 🎉