Looking Back on 2018

I suppose I could have done a recap on 2018 sooner but, if you're like me, creativity and work doesn't stop to allow a break in time. But since we get a timeline, I definitely want to reflect a little on 2018. It was a big year with lots of emotions. Twenty eighteen was my first full year being self-employed, which came with many challenges and joys. I got to be home with my dogs (I'm really quite dependent on them), I had a flexible schedule to do yoga and walk my dogs, landed my first exclusive surface design contract, was able to pay off debt and pay a few bills, made six foot menu boards for a high-end wedding, had multiple wedding contracts, was an editor's pick on @etsy and shipped more wrapping paper than I thought I ever could and finally found my art voice. Along with all the good, there of course comes some not so great. The first half of the year was very difficult with still reeling from the loss of my mother in law and challenging with open another business (which paid off BTW). Life was chaotic, tiring, and busy. I lacked a lot of balance and focus for most of the year. And though my QuickBooks is showing a tiny profit at this point, I struggled with being able to fully contribute to my household on a regular basis which caused a lot of strife under my roof. I was able to keep my business running though, and for having been more focused full time for just a year, I think that’s pretty awesome.

Overall, 2018 turned out a lot better than I thought it would but I'm so very excited to go into 2019 with everything I've learned and with new energy and focus. There's so much possibility and I'm so lucky to have an amazingly supportive group of other girl bosses and friends to help me along the way. Here's to 2019. May it be filled with success, joy, focus and creativity. Cheers! 🥂🍾💪🏻